Save the Date! Clarke Family Run & Walk for PF

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Save the Date!  The Clarke Family Run and Walk for PF will be held Sunday June 4th in Airdrie.  Keep that day free and come and show your support!  Keep in mind that the walk portion is held separately so you don’t have to worry about oxygen tubes or using walkers or wheelchairs and trying to navigate among runners.  The walk around the lake is enjoyable and can be done at your own pace.  Join with fellow PF patients, caregivers and their friends and families as we raise awareness for Pulmonary Fibrosis and Organ Donation!  The time will be provided at a later date.
Clarke Family Run Save the Date

A Message From George Canyon

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We were so fortunate to receive a wonderful message from George Canyon in support of all those with Pulmonary Fibrosis, their families and caregivers.  Thank you George Canyon for your support and prayers and for your thoughtful and heartfelt message, we appreciate it very much!


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PFSC Videos

  • A Message from Mayor Naheed Nenshi
    A Message from Mayor Naheed Nenshi
  • A Message From George Canyon
    A Message From George Canyon

Clarke Family Run in Airdrie

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The Clarke Family Run for Pulmonary Fibrosis was held on June 5th, 2016. Please see our previous blog post for the information on Abbie Clarke and why she initiated this wonderful event! A great time was had by all, and the love and support and enthusiasm for PF Awareness was contagious and touching. There was an incredible number of Clarke family members, friends, Calgary PFSC Board Members, Calgary Support Group regulars, and many family and friends in attendance. We are all very grateful for the incredible level of support and for young Abbie and her inspiring dedication to the cause.

Abigail’s Run for PF Awareness

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a symbol of hope, family and determination

Wednesday, April 26, 2015
The sun was shining and so were the students when 236 grade three and four students from Ralph McCall elementary school in Airdrie gathered together on the Monklands soccer field across from their school. Last year Abigayle Clarke’s teacher, Mr. Doyle challenged his students to think about what they could do to make the world a better place. Abbie knew that her world would be a better place if there was a cure for Pulmonary Fibrosis. Abbie stood up in front of her classmates and told her story.

“Hello … My name is Abbie Clarke. I wanted to share with you why I wanted to make this race.

8 years ago my grandpa Chris passed away from a disease called Pulmonary Fibrosis. In the past 8 years, we have lost several family members. This last year my Auntie Cathy became sick, and died. Shortly after my Auntie Shelley got sick, we were all very scared. But she got a lung transplant in March 2015. My family seemed very scared, and sad and I didn’t quite understand what was going on. My mom explained everything but I still didn’t understand. I asked lots of questions and that helped me learn more. I found a lot of people do not know about Pulmonary Fibrosis.

I wanted to do something that I thought would help my family. I love to run, so I thought making a race for Pulmonary Fibrosis and raise money would help my family. My goal is to raise money and more importantly awareness about this disease.”

The Monklands soccer field was filled with active, energetic students as they ran around the field in support of a ‘Me to We’ story. The involvement and encouragement of her family are testimony of their love and support. As Dick and I handed out popsicles on behalf of Pulmonary Fibrosis we were energized with the youthful optimism and determination of these young people. We were excited to watch these students put all their energy into running for a purpose. Our Pulmonary Fibrosis world needs the hope of children, their belief in a cause and their strength to cross the finish line.

Abigayle invites you to join her and the community on June 5, 2016 for the Clarke Family Run for Pulmonary Fibrosis in Airdrie.

~~submitted by Moyra Martin, PFSC Board Director

Our Meet & Greet with Joe Nichols

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This month our Board Chair Heather, Edmonton’s PF Support Group Lead Darlene, and ILD Support Group Members Melvin and Edith had the opportunity to attend the Joe Nichols concert in Red Deer and meet with him backstage.  Joe is an amazing country music star, and is also a dedicated PF Awareness Advocate.  We were thrilled to meet with him and look forward to collaborating with him in the future!  Check out the video below to learn more about his story and why he is so invested in PF Awareness.